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Carhartt for kids ad


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End of Season Canoe Sale

End of Season Canoe Sale

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Sat, Sep 15th, 2012

8:30 a.m.
Indian Hill Trading Post 148 Moosehead Lake Rd. Greenville

The Antique Trucks will be coming to Moosehead Lake. On Saturday they will be meeting at Indian Hill Trading Post at 8:30 and driving up the east side of Moosehead Lake to Kokadjo. Many more activities later on Saturday and Sunday. Contact Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce for more information 207 695-2702 or info@mooseheadlake.org…

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Ken and Dolly King, formerly of Arundel, are the new managers of the Indian Hill Trading Post Sporting Goods Department.
~Photo courtesy Moosehead Messenger April 27, 1983

Courtesy Moosehead Messenger April 27, 1983

Whether you are a year-round shopper or a visitor to Greenville, there are surprises in store at the newly expanded Indian Hill Trading Post.

Always a favorite top of those wishing to snap a panoramic photo of Moosehead Lake from Indian Hill, the Trading Post has now taken on the role of a complete supply center for the family budget planner and sportsman alike.

“Offering a wider variety in all areas to our customers was the goal,” store manager Dick Wheelden said of the expansion. “And, basically, the expansion is complete, except for our bakery department, which will be in operation soon.”

The wider variety referred to encompass all areas at Indian Hill. A new dairy case, produce case, meat and fish case, and expanded canned goods as well as cosmetic lines are part of the new look at the Trading Post. Sale prices are currently in effect in most departments.

In the deli department, as well as a fine line of meats and cheeses, prepared salads will be offered.

Indian Hill owner Jack Goodwin has not limited his expansion and improvements to food products alone.

The sporting goods and gifts departments are rapidly expanding to meet shoppers’ needs.

Under the new direction of Ken and Dolly King.

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Malone Auto Racks is the fastest growing rack accessory company in North America with a track record of over 10 years of industry leadership and innovation. Their products are sold in over 1,500 outdoor online and retail stores located throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Operating from the Coast of Maine has helped them stay true to their mission and our values. Everything they produce must be “Simple to sell – Simple to install – Simple to use”. Their products are built to enhance their customers’ enjoyment of the rivers, lakes and oceans while minimizing your carbon footprint through aerodynamic transport design and complete material recycling through the Malone Recycling Program with

Large display of Malone Carriers in our Sporting Goods Department

EcoMaine. Your transport needs will change over time. If you decide to replace your aging system with the newest and latest Malone innovation, you can send any Malone product back to them for green disposal under the Malone Recycling Program. This process is made possible through a partnership with EcoMaine, a new state of the art recycling facility located here in Maine.

Our staff at Indian Hill Trading Post recognizes the needs of our customers which is why we carry a large selection of Malone Carriers. Contact our Sporting Goods Department today with any questions at 207.695.2104 or stop by. They will be happy to assist you. Also ask about special pricing with the purchase of a new Old Town Kayak or Canoe.

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READY FOR BUSINESS – The new extension at Muzzy’s Indian Hill Trading Post will be open this weekend. Customers may look forward to generous hand scooped ice cream at a price they won’t be able to resist.

Courtesy Moosehead Messenger June 9, 1982

There are a few changes in store at the Indian Hill Trading Post. Bill Muzzy is not so much extending his store as rearranging it to make it more convenient for his customers.

By next weekend the new extension will be open and people may buy their sandwiches and ice cream directly through the service hatch, rather than standing in line with the grocery and sporting goods customers.

In addition to the sandwiches and scooped ice cream, the Muzzys are opening a soda fountain where lovers of ice cream sodas, splits, sundaes and soft drinks may indulge themselves. The family also plans to serve steamed hot dogs and hot sandwiches.

The extension will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and until 8 p.m. on Fridays. During the summer it will possibly remain open until 8 p.m. on the weekends as well.

A novel feature of the new extension is that it will remain open during the winter and not close Labor Day as so many places do. This means that ice cream addicts may still indulge themselves at the soda fountain year round. The hot sandwiches and hot dogs will be available to hunters and snowmobilers passing through town too.

Another addition to the store is the public restrooms. A welcome addition for travelers.

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Celebrate National Rainier Cherry Day at Indian Hill…on sale $3.99 lb.

Rainier cherries are a variety of sweet cherry with a distinct golden yellow color and partial to full red blush. They originated in 1952 after Harold W. Fogel and other researchers from the Washington Agriculture Experiment Station in Prosser, WA crossed the Bing & Van cherry varieties.

Rainier cherries are the sweetest of all cherry varieties, with sugar, or Brix, levels ranging from 17 to 23 percent. They are delicate and have a juice that is second-to-none. In general, Rainier cherries grow a size or two larger than dark-sweet cherry varieties. They are best eaten fresh out-of-hand.

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